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How long will my 50g tin last?
4 – 6 weeks depending on the size of your armpits!

Is Nju ok for bi-carb sensitive users ?
Nju does contain a small amount of bi-carb. We have worked really hard to formulate a deodorant that includes just enough bi-carb to be effective, yet still tolerated by most people with sensitivities. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


How do I apply Nju deodorant balm?

However and whenever you want! Although I would suggest gently smoothing  a small amount under armpits until it warms and dissolves. Also keep in mind that underarms can become sensitive after shaving. If possible wait a day or shave at night to avoid irritation.

Do you test on animals and are you cruelty free?
No we do not, however I did test Nju on my husband!

Should I share my deodorant balm with my husband, sister, boyfriend or housemate?
No, they should definitely purchase their own tin. I’m trying to increase sales!

Should I store my Nju deodorant balm in the fridge?
No, don’t be a moron. Keep your Nju tin at room temperature ( make up bag, bathroom cupboard ) to prevent balm from  firming up in the colder months.

I’ve always used antiperspirant will Nju work for me?
Nju works by neutralizing odour and absorbing wetness. It wont block pores with aluminum to stop sweating. The majority of people will transition to natural deodorant with no problems. It can take up to a  week for some though, to adjust to natural deodorant. Its just your body detoxing. The good  news is, most people find that in time they actually sweat less as they have unblocked their pores & their body is not trying to produce more sweat

Why does spearmint smell so freaking good?
I don’t know, it just does!

Will Nju stain my clothes?
No white powdery marks or yellow stains here. Rub Nju well into skin, wait a few minutes before putting on clothes and you are good to go.

I don’t like applying deodorant paste with my fingers, does Nju come in a roll on?
No get over it! We tested Nju in a roll on stick & it ain’t gonna happen. The formula goes hard & paste does not easily roll on. Besides who uses roll on these days anyway?

Where are the deodorants made?
We proudly make our Nju products right here in Australia.