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I’d love to tell you that I eat clean, only buy organic and live off the grid. I’d love to tell you that creating a natural deodorant was a lifelong passion of mine, but anyone who knows me will tell you this is BS

I’ve never lost sleep over the ingredients in my deodorant & I’m not here to rid the world of aluminum laced deodorants one tin at a time. Life’s too short to waste time worrying about what can,  and will eventually kill you. The reason I created the best smelling and most effective natural deodorant balm in the world is because of my son. He was getting older & starting to smell & not like roses!

It’s a well known fact  that our sense of smell is closely linked with memory.  It’s also a fact, that I think all Men’s deodorant smells bad and reminds me of my husband, father, weird uncle or older brother. Let me tell you, not much has changed in the deodorant aisle since the 80’s. The options are very limited.

I was going to have to make my own. I needed to educate myself on all things deodorant. Then  I could create the best smelling deodorant in the world. Along the way I found out some pretty interesting facts. Antiperspirants contain aluminum, parabens and a long list of boring & hard to pronounce ingredients.

No stress, there is an alternative. There are so many amazing natural ingredients available, like bi-carb, activated charcoal & arrowroot powder that absorb wetness & neutralize odor.

Antiperspirants block sweat glands (Nju to me too!)  Sweating cools the body down and removes toxins. Now I’m no genius, but If sweating is so important in regulating our bodies, shouldn’t we use deodorants that don’t prevent it?

Yes  we should!  After learning that antiperspirants block sweat. (why didn’t someone tell me?) Then finding out there was a natural, safe, alternative to stay dry, fresh & smell amazing.. I decided to make a Nju deodorant balm that was effective, smells amazing AND didn’t block your sweat glands.

It also comes in a cool tin!