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Sweating isn't the problem, Your Deodorant is

Sweating Isn’t The Problem, Your Deo Is

Ever felt like you are missing out on moments to have fun and enjoy life because of an absurd fear of smelling bad? Don’t worry, your fear is not baseless. In fact, it is a well-defined phenomenon in psychology. Bromidrophobia (yeah, that’s a real thing), is a very real fear of smelling horrible all the time - something that not only hinders with your daily life, but it is often linked to extreme anxiety and stress.

To be fair, like all phobias, not everyone has it. But most people do get uneasy, nervous and even frightened with the idea of body odour ruining everything they’ll be a part of.

Thank god we’ve got deodorants for that, right?


Your regular chemical deodorant isn’t your happy respite from B.O. as long as it is harming you back! And antiperspirants are somehow worse. They just stop you from sweating, conveniently forgetting that sweat is not the root of the problem.

So it’s understandable why you would want to shift to natural deodorants. It seems far more viable an option than making your own deodorant (hey, if you can do that - power to you) or resorting to a kitchen trick that may or may not do it for you.

Switching To A Natural Deo Is The Right Thing To Do

Wanting to switch to a natural deodorant is a great idea, really. You want to keep yourself fresh and active. You want to smell good all day. And you don’t want to harm your beautiful body while you do it. It’s a step in the right direction. But making that shift will take a bit of planning.

It’s astonishing how many people are unaware of there being a detox period when one transitions from chemical products to naturals and think it’s the organic deo that is causing all the excessive sweating and stinking odour. Hence, the complaints of natural deos being ineffective.

You need to understand that there will be a detox period of at least 4 weeks before your body adjusts to the replacement. It will likely include (especially the second week) a downpour of excessive sweat and odour. It will be even more so if you’ve been living off antiperspirants as the closed pores will be opening up again.

If the odour doesn’t recede even after a month, then you can certainly try out a different deodorant. But do not give up before the detox period is over. Give your body some time to adjust. Take more showers and clean yourself more during that time to ensure a smoother transition.

No Matter How Much You Hate It, Sweating Is Important

It sounds like the very first solution anyone would come up with when posed with the problem of body odour: eliminate sweating altogether. Funnily enough, someone did pick it up and just ran with it. Antiperspirants were created to stop your body from sweating. Though there is a tiny catch here.

Sweating is actually good for you - sounds fake, doesn’t it? But it is important, it is necessary and it is supposed to be this way. It may seem gross to you - but there is a reason you sweat. It’s your body’s way of regulating and balancing out the temperature (cooling itself down, so to speak). It is also needed to release all the toxins - cholesterol and salt - and unclog the pores, preventing acne and blemishes along the way.

Also, sweating has nothing to do with body odour! Shocker, right? You stink because of sweat coming in contact with the bacteria that live on your skin, not just because you are sweating. And the dreaded antiperspirants simply clog your pores, blocking out a crucial process of the body. Chemical deos also work in the same vein. Natural deos, however, work on the real cause of the problem - they get rid of the bacteria that causes odour. Plain and simple.

How To Choose The One For You? Check The Ingredient List!

That brings us to our very first point - finding natural deodorants that work, and more importantly, ones that work for you. And to find the one for you, all you need to do is look up the ingredients used in it. It’s all in there.

It isn’t just that regular deos harm you with ingredients like aluminium and paraben that are often linked to grave health risks like cancer - though with limited research backing it up. It’s more about natural deos actually benefiting your skin with the richness of the organic ingredients they use.

You’ve got the excellent ones that absorb wetness in arrowroot powder and charcoal. Organic oils like Jojoba and coconut oil serve as the all-natural base while also being a goldmine of goodness to offer to our skin. While the bicarb dries your skin off the wetness, moisturizers like Shea butter will be working towards moisturizing it. Essential oils will get you to that sweet, sweet scent you’ve always desired to smell like.

So you see, your natural deodorant is a complete package. You don’t need to compromise by using a deodorant that has only a few natural ingredients, or an excess of a chemical one. It’s just that when you do go and pick a natural one, make sure it’s made of stuff that suits you. Pick and choose wisely. Give your body a little time to adjust. And you’re sorted.